About Angels Plus

Thank you for taking a look at Angels Plus, your tropical fish and aquarium supplies website. Located in the northernmost section of the Appalachian Mountains in Upstate New York.

Who are we? Have you ever had a problem with an order and then went to the website finding no phone#, no address, not even a name of the owner or person you're dealing with? Email contact only, and that is if you are lucky enough to get a response to your email. Why would they keep all this from you? I wonder... Well, my name is Steve Rybicki, the owner of Angels Plus. Our phone# is 716-372-5273 and we ship out of 112 S 3rd St in Olean NY. If you ever have a problem with a product of ours, I promise you will not have any trouble getting ahold of us.

So, why am I in this business? As far back as I can remember, I had a fascination with fish, especially ornamental varieties. I've had multiple tanks since I was a small child and started breeding livebearers before I even got out of grade school. I think it's in my DNA (in Polish, Rybicki means "little fishes"). I first started selling angelfish in the late 70's (not counting the numerous transaction with my local shops when I was in high school). As my collection of tanks grew, I needed more outlets to sell fish, so I teamed up with a couple friends in the early 80's. We wholesaled fish to shops in Western NY, delivering approximately 1500 fish per week to the many pet shops that existed in our area back then.

In the late 80's we were up to around 400 aquariums. We had all these super fish and wanted to get them to breeders and dedicated aquarists, not just pet shops in this part of the state. We formed Angels Plus, and started shipping fish and aquarium supplies nationwide in 1987. We came online with the first website dedicated to angelfish and fishroom supplies in 1996. Since then, www.angelsplus.com has been supplying the finest fish and essential hatchery supplies online.

Why choose Angels Plus? We are very experienced at what we do. Angels Plus has shipped over 500,000 tropical fish to people all over the country, with greater than 99% of these fish arriving in excellent condition. We put in tremendous effort to create a disease-free hatchery and may have the only one in the United States. I personally raised my first angelfish spawn in 1965. since then I have bred and raised well over a million angelfish. If you decide to own some of our fish, we will get them to you alive and healthy. As long as you do your part, we guarantee the shipment.

We know what a superior fish looks like and we use time-tested breeding principles to not only keep them looking their best, but we continue improving them as the years go by. Operating a hatchery of over 500 aquariums with emphasis on show-quality fish, also puts us in the unique position of knowing what products are hype and which ones we can't live without. We offer to you the same supplies we use to produce these wonderful fish.

Give us a try and I'll do my best to see that you are not disappointed.

The best in fishkeeping,
Steve Rybicki, Owner

Future Retail Location for Angels Plus

We have a new location - 112 S 3rd St in Olean NY.  The plan is to open this location to the public sometime in 2015. After 25 years of strictly mailorder/online service, we will be adding this more personal aspect to our business. At almost 13,000 sq/ft, this building will house both our online operation as well as the retail shop. We will move a good share of our fish to this location also, but there will still be a couple hundred tanks remaining in our current hatchery.