Albino Pearlscale/Koi Project

F3 Gold Marbles from project
Gold Marble Pearlscale Angelfish Gold Marble Angelfish Gold Marble Angelfish Albino Pearl/Koi Angelfish

Large Gold Marble Pearlscale $21.75 - veil only

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This group has both Gold Marble Pearlscale and Gold Marbles that may carry Pearlscale. All have the possibility of carrying both Stripeless and Albino.  This line can produce strains like Albino Koi, Albino Koi Pearlscale, Albino Gold Marbles and Albino Gold Marble Pearlscale.

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Albino Pearlscale/Koi Angelfish Project: We started this project with a couple exceptional individuals.

Original Koi Male Original Albino Pearl female

We obtained F1s like these:

Albino Koi Pearlscale F1

We then crossed to F1s to get F2s including those in the image below:

Albino Koi Pearlscale F2

We then produced some F3s that included the desired result of Albino Koi, Koi Pearlscale and a very few Albino Koi Pearlscales. We are now producing F4s in an effort to improve the color. Outcrossing Koi always results in a loss of color, but it can be re-captured with very careful selection within the next few generations. We are very excited about what we are seeing.

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I'm so excited for the next few weeks to see how the angels process ^.^
Margaret Ramirez, Wed Jan 07, 2015
I ordered 7 koi pearlscale angels for my father's 75g were extremely happy with the quality of these beautiful fish we received they are such great fish that I went out and bought a 75g of my own you'll be hearing from me soon steve as soon as the tank is cycled I'm getting some of those gorgeous red select koi from you.
Erik Cantre, Sun Mar 23, 2014
Super long fins and great shapes. The pearling really stands out on these. Thank you!
Dave Jones, Wed Sep 04, 2013
I've had these F3 gold marble pearl for about a week now and I just want to let you know they are amazing. The nicest fins I've ever seen on an angel fish. i am also surprised how much gold they have. i am one very satisfied customer...thanks
Barry Shick, Tue Aug 06, 2013