Halfblack Blue Koi Angelfish

Large  (Size:L-XL) $25.75, veil add $3 Genetically, these are 100% Halfblack, but they only have partial expression of the pattern. It will likely take another generation or two to "fix" the pattern. Fish in the video are the exact fish being sold.

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Halfblack All Halfblacks start out looking like wild-type silvers. The pattern develops under good conditions on most of the fish. They can "turn" almost overnight. You can save money by purchasing them before they develop the complete pattern. Even if they don't "turn", or only partially "turn", they are still genetically Halfblack and their offspring will be capable of developing the pattern.

Het.(heterozygous) Halfblacks are fish with only one Halfblack gene. This means they cannot turn halfblack (because halfblack is a recessive trait), but 25% of their F1 offspring will have the ability to express the pattern.

How We've Improved Them: Halfblack is recessive, and most people keep randomly breeding siblings, which weakens the strain. We've spent the last 5 years improving Halfblacks. We crossed them to some wild Peruvians and then worked for a few generations to get them expressing the pattern better. We ending up with a very vigorous line that is starting to express the pattern in a high percentage of their offspring.

"Unturned" Halfblack: We have some fish that do not express the pattern at the time we offer them for sale. Many will express it at a later date. We offer them at a lower price when they haven't already "turned".

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