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Beautiful deep orange angels, you will not be disappointed!
Sidney Sims, Tue Sep 30, 2014
A friend told me that these are the best there is, so I had to find out for myself. He was right!
Perry Williamson, Wed Sep 10, 2014
Steve thank you for the beautiful angels that I received. They are doing great and are gorgeous!!!
I am so happy that I might buy a bigger tank so I can have more from you, especially the Kois, they are outstanding!!!!
Ana, Fri Aug 01, 2014
I have just built another hatchery after a long 8 year break and when I searched for angels I searched high and low for the best. Well I found them at angelsplus! Thank you for the wonderful fish very impressive!

Thanks Steve!

Dave Zagwyn

Ayer Ma
Aug 1st 2014
Dave Zagwyn, Fri Aug 01, 2014
Steve this is my third batch of angelfish I have bought from you and they get better with every purchase. I am so happy with my hr red select koi that every time I walk by my 75g tank and look at them I can't help but smile.Thank you for creating one of the most beautiful color strains of angelfish I have ever seen. Keep up the great work everyone at angels plus.
Erik Cantre, Sun Jul 13, 2014
It was the first time I had ever received a shipment of live fish and I was a wreck. I needn't have been. My six select koi arrived on time, I followed the included directions to the letter, any questions I had were answered immediately on the phone, and my beautiful little angels are doing amazingly well in their 100-gallon home for several weeks now. I'm hooked! I'll be ordering more shortly!
Kate Crissman, Wed May 28, 2014
UPS handed me my angels this morning and I went home, opened the package, and Wow, Beautiful fish. The bag was still warm as I started the drip system for acclimating. Finally, I placed these active beauties in my aquarium and they set off exploring their new home. I am so pleased with the Angel Plus system, I will order again. Five stars from this happy customer!
Helen Claiborne, Tue Mar 25, 2014
The shipment of select koi angels arrived warm, healthy, and ready for their new home. Their color was magnificent, and had the body and fins of the ideal angel. I have been keeping both fresh and salt water fish for many years and this was without a doubt the most stunning shipment I have received.

Roger Brown, DVM

Roger Brown, Sat Mar 22, 2014
The angels arrived yesterday and are gorgeous and doing well. So much nicer looking than those available locally. I am angry at myself for only getting one of the select koi--it is an incredible looking fish so I'm going to need to get more. They arrived warm and happy--even during this brutal winter. Thanks again, Steve
Andy Glade, Thu Mar 13, 2014
Steve: Fish arrived this morning in great shape.

Water temp on arrival was just under 74-degrees. No ammonia detected.

Acclimating slowly as we speak.

Thanks again, and Happy Holidays...
Roger Hoffman, Fri Dec 06, 2013
My fish arrived in perfect condition, by far the best shipping to date I've had with fish purchased outside my area. You can see that every step in the purchase process, from packaging to arrival is important. My fish were dancing around in the bag and eager to be placed in their new home. I followed the included acclimation sheet and had no trouble at all. Simply the best!
Dennis Wayne Malone, Tue Sep 03, 2013
Hi Steve,
The fish arrived this morning. All I can say is WOW! Very nice fish. The coloring on the angels is extraordinary. I noticed that you even had sent me the largest angels you could, and also did as I asked with the guppies. That is outstanding. There was an extra female yellow guppy also. I couldn't be any happier with the shipment. Thank you. Most of the people I've bought fish from never seem to read my requests. I arrived at the Fed Ex office at 9:00 this morning, not realizing that they don't open until 9:30. As I parked next to a Fed Ex truck, the driver came around the truck with two boxes. He asked me what I was wanting. I told him that I was expecting some tropical fish. The fish were in one of the two boxes he had in his hands, he had just taken them out of the truck! I got them right off the truck, and before they even opened for business! Thank you ever so much for the gorgeous fish. They all arrived in great shape, and seem to be adjusting well.
Jay McClellan, Sun Aug 25, 2013
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