Fish Breeding Slates and Cones

Breeding Slate

Fish Breeding Slate  Fish Breeding Slate Suction Cup

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11.5" x 2.75" Breeding Slate  $3.25
Extra Suction Cup  $0.45

These breeding slates come with a suction cup that is placed on the tank bottom to help keep the slate from being knocked over. This is all-natural quarried slate that has been proven to be very effective and desirable to several types of breeding cichlids.  They are very convenient when hatching the eggs artificially.

Discus Breeding Cone

Fish Breeding Cone 

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9" Angelfish and Discus Breeding Cone  $14.95

This is a high quality cone that is suitable for many cichlids. If you want something that won't tip over easily, this is it. These will fit inverted onto a wide-mouth glass jar with the base sitting on the top of the jar. Many like the fact that they can artificially hatch in a one-gallon jar using this cone. If you prefer to let your pairs raise their own fry, then these are the best option out there.

Methylene Blue Powder Hatching Aid
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25 Grams 100% Methylene Blue Powder  $8.25
50 Grams 100% Methylene Blue Powder  $14.50

Methylene Blue Powder: Add 1 tsp of powder to 8 oz of distilled water to make a 2.3% stock solution. Dose from stock solution at 1 tsp per 10 gallons of water. For a medicinal bath for treating sick fish, dose at 1 tsp per 5 gallons of water. Dip fish for 30 minutes. For ornamental fish use only.

Acriflavin Neutral Powder Hatching Aid
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20 Grams 100% Acriflavin Neutral Powder  $17.25
40 Grams 100% Acriflavin Neutral Powder  $30.75

If for any reason you have trouble hatching fish eggs with methylene blue, acriflavin is a very good alternative. In one of our hatcheries, we use this almost exclusively because the results are better in our water. Add 20 Grams to one pint of water to make Stock Solution. Use between 2-5 drops of this stock solution per gallon of aquarium water for treatment.

5 ml Fishroom Dropper

Fish Room Dropper 

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5 ml Dropper  $1.95

We use these for many purposes each day in our hatcheries. Everything from feeding live brine shrimp in small increments, cleaning debris from spawns, measuring medications and capturing wigglers to move to our rearing jars. They make so many tasks easier.  Dropper color will vary.

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