Angelfish Proven Breeding Pairs

Koi Pair

Koi Pair #2226

sold 4/20

Sunset Pair

Sunset Pair 1603

sold 4/10

Sunset/Koi Pair

Sunset/Koi Pair 7000

sold 3/28

Koi Pair

Koi Pair 8000

sold 3/21

Koi Pair

Koi Pair #2219

sold 3/9

Koi/Black Splash Pair

Koi Pair #2194

sold 3/7

Koi Pair

Koi Pair 2000

sold 3/7

Koi Pair

Koi Pair #2216

sold 2/28

Koi Pair

Koi Pair #2212

sold 2/22

Koi Pair

Koi Pair #2213

sold 2/20

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