3/4 Wild - Veil X Std Angelfish Pair #1564

Breeding Pair #1564male  Breeding Pair #1564 female angelfishfemale 

This is a HUGE pair. The male is gigantic and the female has very long fins and a large body. They'll need a minimum of a 29 gallon tank to themselves. They are the result of a cross of 50% Peruvian to a 100% wild Manacapuru. They both show red spotting on the upper body. We pulled them out of a 70 tank that had several large angelfish in it and they were able to guard free swimming fry in that situation. 

3/4 Wild Pair - Veil x Std - $200 before discounts

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When we decide to sell a proven angelfish pair, it will be listed here for sale. We do not keep a waiting list for any of our angelfish, including the pairs. The proven angelfish pairs are sold on a first come, first serve basis. All photos on this page are of the actual angelfish being sold

About our angel pairs for sale: These are young, proven breeding angelfish pairs. They have spawned with high fertility, producing fry that have been free-swimming nicely before they are offered for sale. We do not guarantee these angelfish pairs will spawn for you. Too many things can happen to make an angelfish pair quit spawning, that are out of our control. When shipped to different, sometimes stressful conditions, many angelfish pairs will stop spawning, therefore be confident of your ability to get angelfish pairs spawning if using this method to obtain a pair. You will get a young male and female angelfish that have successfully spawned together. Check here to see our complete guarantee.

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