Biologically Established Active Sponge Filters

Established Active Sponge Filter

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 15 or 30 ppi Active Sponge Filter  (size: 50-100 cu/in)  $9.75
 50 ppi Active Sponge Filter  (size: 30-60 cu/in) $7.75

If you are putting the filter in with new-born fry or a tank that is 5 gallons or less, then the 50ppi is the best choice, otherwise, the 15/30ppi filters are a better deal for a much larger size.

These have established colonies of nitrifying bacteria and other micro organisms that occur in a balanced tank. The bacteria survives shipping quite well, but faster is better when deciding on the shipping method during checkout.  If the filter freezes, the bacteria may be killed so pay attention to the weather, here and where you are.  If it freezes, it is at your risk.  It is very risky to order when night-time temps are below 0 F. We are in a potentially very cold area of the country (zip 14760).

 The filters vary in size and shape within the range listed.  All of our Active filters are the "Internal Weight" filter version.  We have too many filter types to have them all in an "active" version and this type is easy to ship without water leaking from the bag.

These are "established" in our disease-free aquariums.  Read about our process to eliminate diseases here.  This assures that no pathogens are transferred to your fish.  This is safer than using a filter out of your own tanks, since few, if any are disease-free.  These filters have been run for about a month in our super healthy tanks to insure the nitrifying bacteria are well established within the sponge.

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When you receive these, make sure to add any water in the bag to the tank. Do not worry about it being dirty. It is full of nitrifying bacteria and you do not want to throw this out or siphon it out with a water change until the tank is fully established.

Setting Up Filter: Run an airline to the lift tube. Insert the airline into the hole in the top side of the lift tube and thread it to withn 1/2" of the bottom. Then insert the bottom of the lift tube into the hole in the sponge. You can put the filter into any part of the tank. If it floats, genetly squeeze the air out of it.

Some people cut these to fit inside of power filters. That will work if the fit is tight, but if water can travel around the filter instead of through it, then that is what the water will do and it will not be as effective in establishing your aquarium.

We are not fans of "fish-less" cycling. It seems every time a customer is having trouble cycling their tanks with our filters, it's a "fish-less" cycle. It's possible some additive in the ammonia they're adding, is interferring with their test kit readings or is simply doing something to the nitrifying bacteria. Either way, if you add one of our active filters, your tank is ready for fish. Forget about adding ammonia first.

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Thank you for this unbelievable product! My tank had been cycling for nearly 3 months with high ammonia and no end in sight. I tried so many different things and none worked. That is until I found Angels Plus. Within 24 hours of putting the sponge in my HOB filer, the ammonia levels began dropping. After a few days, ammonia levels were 0 and I had nitrates. You can't go wrong with this product!
Brian, Thu Sep 24, 2015
EXCELLENT. THIS IS THE CURE!!! If your even considering this or having issues with the cycle, spend the money, put this in and your done. I have three of them going at all times! Perfect water quality with ease!
Kevin, Wed Aug 19, 2015
Thank you! After 6 weeks of unsuccessful fishless cycling using other products, installed active filter from Angels Plus and within 12 hours, ammonia levels were down and seeing nitrates for first time! Will be stocking tank within days. Great product, wish I had known about sooner!
Mark Forbes, Fri May 01, 2015
Thank You !!!!! I have wasted probably over a 100.00 dollars in last few months with different filters, media products and chemicals , to help get my nitrates in line and clear my tank up. I received my sponge today , did a 30 % water change added sponge and the sponge water , tank is looking GREAT !! and nitrates already dropping !!! best 10 dollars i have spent in a long time
Lon, Thu Feb 12, 2015
Great product. I was having issues with ammonia and nitrite in my newly set up 75 gal and within 2 days of attaching this sponge filter to the intake of my canister filter(not the way they recommend using it, but it worked) both ammonia and nitrites are at 0. Highly recommend this product if you are wanting to quickly cycle your aquarium. Plus they sent a nice big bag of beefheart flakes for free.
Doug, Thu Feb 05, 2015
This worked in a week. Amazing. The best thing I've done for our fish. They also love the free sample of brine shrimp flakes. Thanks AngelsPlus!
Meredith, Thu Dec 18, 2014
I was struggling cycling my tank. After a month of frustration, I deduced to order one of these. Guess what, instant cycle. Within 24 hours, I was having nitrates. Two weeks with the filter, and everything is perfect. This is the way to go!
DAVID BARNEY, Fri Nov 28, 2014
Why are so many promoting fish-less cycle when this filter works 100 times better? I'm telling eveyone, this is way to go. Mine worked perfectly.
A. Topor, Fri Nov 14, 2014
I was struggling big time getting my tank to cycle and I heard about these so I figured I'd give it a shot. Well, 24 hrs later, and the tank is now great. I couldn't belive it could cycle that quick!
Ward Mosher, Tue Nov 04, 2014
This filter does NOT cycle aquariums. All it does is cloud the tank with fish waste. I ordered one and spent about $20(shipping), and the water was so dirty, the ammonia actually spiked.I am completely dissatisfied with this product and I will not be purchasing anything from angelsplus again. Also when I placed my order they claimed they would send me a sample of food, which I never recieved.
Amber, Sun Nov 02, 2014
After treating my 55 gal tank for Camallanus worms, I struggled to get a cycle going. It was extremely stressful with daily small water changes to keep the ammonia from becoming toxic. I stumbled on Steve's website and immediately ordered one of his active sponges...I figured I had nothing to lose and everything to gain. By day two, my tank parameters were perfect and my fish very happy!
Lori, Sun Oct 19, 2014
I used the filter for my 36 gallon tank and left if in for a couple of weeks. I decided to put it in my 5 gallon tank that I never could get to cycle. It has 2 corys and 1 betta. In 24 hours I have no ammonia and nitrites and I finally see some nitrates! I wish I knew someone close by I could pass this filter along to when I'm done with it! It's almost like magic! I am so impressed!
Donna, Sun Aug 24, 2014
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