15 ppi Round Sponge Filters

Slate-Bottom Round Filter

15 ppi Round Sponge Filter 15 ppi Round Sponge Filter 15 ppi Round Sponge Filter 15 ppi Round Sponge Filter
Sponge Filter Lift Tubes Replacement Round Slate Base

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 4.25" 15ppi Slate-Bottom Round Filter   $6.25
 6.25" 15ppi Slate-Bottom Round Filter   $11.75

 Replacement 4.25" 15ppi Slate-Bottom Round Sponge   $3.75
 Replacement Round Slate Base   $2.75
 Extra 6" Blue Lift Tube   $0.45
 Extra 9.5" Blue Lift Tube   $0.75

15 ppi Round Sponge Filter 15 ppi Round Sponge Filter Sponge Filter Lift Tubes

Internal-Weight Round Filter
Enter Qty in each box
 4.25" 15ppi Internal-Weight Round Filter   $6.25
 6.25" 15ppi Internal-Weight Round Filter   $11.75

 Extra 6" Green Lift Tube   $0.45
 Extra 9.5" Green Lift Tube   $0.75

Complete filter includes "Pro" Reticulated Sponge, internal weight and 6" lift tube.  You need to supply the airline and air supply.

The Internal-Weight Round Sponge filters use glass balls to weigh them down. They are not as heavy as the slate-bottom filters, but much easier to clean and the glass balls will never fall out. Some like to use these suspended in mid tank.  They work very well like this.

We may compress these during shipping to avoid "Oversize" charges.  Let them sit out for a day after receiving them and they will regain their original shape.

If the filter floats to the surface shortly after putting it into your tank, that means that air is trapped in the foam. Squeeze it thoroughly while holding it under water to remove the air. It helps to remove the lift tube while doing this. The foam is more dense than water and always sinks if there is no air trapped.

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  • 4.25" round filter has a volume of 60 cubic inches
  • 6.25" round filter has a volume of 130 cubic inches

PPI stands for the number of pores per linear inch. 50 PPI is our smallest pore-size filter. It works great in tanks with very small fry and actually has the most surface area of all our foams.

Lift Tube

Assembly: Insert airline into the small hole drilled in the side of the top of the lift tube. Then push it to with 1/2" of the bottom. Then, insert bottom of lift into the small hole in the Sponge. Push the lift tube in about 1". It should be a tight fit.

Image is using a clear lift tube for demonstration purposes.

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These work amazingly well. I'm thrilled to have found your store.
Ed Lewis, Mon Mar 03, 2014