Gold Angelfish

Gold Angelfish Juvenile Gold Angelfish

Pea Size (Size: sub-dime) $3.75 for veil

These are 50% wild Peruvian.

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This angelfish in this group have the possibility of carrying Blue, so you may get some Platinum in their offspring.   They are showing a lot of gold coloring for fish this age.

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Gold is recessive and is an allele of Gold Marble, Marble and Dark. It enhances Black when found together. When combined with Marble it creates a very high contrast, black and white angelfish.

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I purchased 5 Gold Veil Half Dollar sized angels from you about 5 weeks ago. They are healthy, active and eat like pigs. They've grown noticeably and are excellent examples of what an Angel should look like. Excellent body shape, long pointed erect fins, proper eye to body ratio. I'm very happy with them and will be purchasing some DD Blacks in the near future. Thanks, Steve.
Darrell Adams, Fri Nov 15, 2013