Moscow Green Guppies

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Pair (3-6 months old)  $18.95

This is a very large line. If you prefer the look of moscow greens, these are dandies.

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These Moscows have gotten bigger than any guppy I have ever seen before. Keep up the good work.
Carson Giermack, Mon Aug 17, 2015
These moscow greens are super nice. Thanks for the extra.
d cowles, Wed Sep 10, 2014
The green moscows sent t me are great quality. I've had them only a month and they've pratically doubled in size. They are going to be huge gups.
Bernie Wesche, Thu Jun 19, 2014
I just got a couple pairs and they are so energetic. I just love em.
Kelley Carlson, Wed Jun 18, 2014
Mine have grown into very large fish. I'm sure I could do well in shows with this stock. Good stuff!
Ron Bradley, Wed Mar 19, 2014