Parasite and Fungal for Fish

Blue Copper

Blue Copper 

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Blue Copper is a concentrated, chelated copper solution. Eliminates external parasites such as ich and velvet. Can also be used for unwanted aquarium pests like hydra, planarian, snails and algae. Dose: 1 ml per 10 gal. Repeat in 2 days with a 25% water change in between treatments. For ornamental fish use only.

Praziquantel 100%
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Praziquantel 100% - This is an anthelmintic(dewormer) effective in the treatment of flatworms (tapeworm)and internal cestodes (flukes). Dose at 1/4 tsp per 25 gallons. Repeat every 7 days for 3 total treatments. Perform a 25% water change in between treatments. For ornamental fish use only.

Levamisole HCL 100%
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Levamisol HCL 100% - This is an anti-nematodic(dewormer) effective in the treatment of both larval and adult forms of nematodes, such as Camallanus and Capillaria. It does not kill the eggs of the parasite. Also effective for some gill nematodes. It paralyzes the parasite which is then passed through the digestive system. Daily vacuuming of the tank bottom after each day of the treatment is recommended. It will not affect plants or invertebrates. It does not harm nitrifying bacteria. Dose at 1/4 tsp per 100 gallons. After 48 hours, do a 50% water change and repeat treatment in 7 days. To treat smaller tanks, add the 1/4 tsp to a given amount of water and then give 1/10 of the solution for each 10 gallons of tank water. For ornamental fish use only...

Malachite Green Powder 100%
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Malachite Green 100%: This is effective against fungus of both fish and fish eggs. If used on eggs, only use for the first 24 hrs, then change water. It is also useful against parasites, such as gill flukes, ich and trichodina. It can be harsh on some sensitive fish like certain catfish. Use a lower dose on those. It combines well with formalin to make an even more effective medication. It does not affective nitrifying bacteria to any great amount. It is more harsh in low pH and low hardness. Best used with a GH of 100 or higher and in lower temperatures (70s).

Dose: To make stock solution, combine 15 grams of powder with one gallon of distilled water. Then use 1/4 tsp of stock solution to each 10 gallons of tank water. Use about half that on sensitive fish. Treat every other day for up to 10 days. Add the 15 grams to a gallon of 37% formaldehyde and you have your own concentrated stock solution of this very effective combination. For ornamental fish use only.

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Acriflavin Neutral 100% This product has a wide variety of uses. Commonly used against bacteria, both external and systemic types. It is very good when used against fungus and is also used for many protozoans, especially odinium (velvet). It is frequently used as a quarantine bath for newly acquired fish. We find this a very good alternative to methylene blue for hatching fish eggs. Caution: It will kill plants, so it is advisable to use a separate treatment tank.

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After the treatment: We recommend feeding our Immune Booster Flake during treatment and for 1 week after the treatment is stopped.

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The Levimasol HCL is a wonder med. REALLY.I had a bad Camallanus parasite infestation. I put this med in the tank yesterday and today my female guppy pooped out the worms (red worms were sticking out of her anus for a while). She is no longer "lethargic" and is swimming close to how she was when she was better. My other fish is showing no distress. Thanks Angelplus
Acabar, Sat Nov 11, 2017