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This Pellet Mix is a great way to offer variety to your bottom feeders without having to buy a lot of each type. It includes a mix of our Vegetable Discs, Vegetable Bits, Spirulina Sticks, Cichlid Pellets and Primal Pellet 1.5mm.

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Description here states that the veggie mix contains Spirulina Wafers, the package label states that it contains vegetable disks instead. I feel this is misleading and less value than I expected.
Dawn B, Sun Dec 07, 2014
I have been using both the meat and vege pellet mix with my community aquarium. Bottom feeders like cory cats, raphael catfish, horse faced loaches, kuli loaches... All love to eat these pellets. Other fish like goruami and tigerbarbs will nibble these as well. The worm sticks are especially devoured by all the fish. The beauty of these mixes is that all your fish will find their favorite food.
Donald P, Sat Aug 03, 2013