Dolphin Aquarium Air Pump

Dolphin Aquarium Air Pump Dolphin Aquarium Air Pump Manifold

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This is an oil-free, piston-driven,  linear piston pump. It gives out an absolutely amazing amount of air for the price. They are not silent - emitting a low hum, but are incredibly efficient in a situation where a small amount of sound is not a problem. It comes with a 4 valve manifold. This is simply an incredible value. Only 18 watts producing up to 30 liters/min - usually good for about 15 outlets depending on outlet depth.

The repair kit includes a valve and a gasket to get it back to working like new.

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  • 110V
  • 18W power
  • Volume: 30 lpm
  • Max water depth: 64"
  • Outlet size: 5/16"
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You probably can't buy more air power for the price. It is not silent, but if you put it in a fish-room situation it will be a great value.
Tim Ray, Mon Feb 24, 2014