Orange Crayfish - Procambarus clarkii

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Shipping:  Choose a shipping method unless that will get them to you within 3 days. They survive any temps that keep their water above freezing. If it's below 25 F. at night in our area or yours, then they will need a heat pack and some insulation - check the "winter shipping" box to add that. All priority mail shipments will be labeled "hold at post office for pickup". Do not order them if they will travel over the weekend or if they will have to sit outside in extreme temps after delivery. A mailbox can get really hot in the sun!  If you have any problems with live delivery you must contact us immediately by phone or email.

They are very hardy and can handle cold quite well, but must be acclimated to your water just as we would ask you to do for a fish.

  • Caution: Careful consideration is needed before ordering .
  • Order when they won't travel over a weekend.
  • Choose an appropriate shipping method and weather before ordering them. Priority Mail is generally faster than Ground.

About Crayfish: They are wonderful scavengers, eating almost anything,  but they may not be wanted in some community situations.  If hungry, they may attempt to catch and eat tiny fish. We keep baby guppies with them and never notice any depletion in numbers, but they may catch one now and then. They themselves are vulnerable when they molt. At that time they discard their hard exoskeleton and can possibly be eaten by large fish and other crayfish. Therefore they need hiding places so they can go into seclusion while their new shell hardens.

They can grow to 4.5" and live as long as 6 years. You can put 6 large ones into a 20 gallon tank if there are plenty of hiding places and they are approximately the same size. They are going to eat most fine-leafed live plants, small snails, little fish and other molted crayfish that can't hide.  You can also feed them standard fish foods.  Like we said, they will eat almost anything.

They are easy to breed (a male and female are required) and easy to raise. The female will carry up to 600 eggs under her tail section

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The orange variation is an amazingly bright color. We wish our Koi were this orange!

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My son wanted these, so I gave them a try. Now I'm hooked. Fascinating critters!
James Fuez, Wed Apr 22, 2015