Algae Scrubbers

Marina Algae Scrubber

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Marina Algae Scrubber $3.25

If you don't want to get your arms wet, this is the tool.


Algae Pads Algae Pads

Click here for Algae Scrub Pads

Magnetic Glass Cleaner

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4.5" Magnetic Glass Cleaner $4.95

One magnet (with scrub side) goes into the tank, while the other is moved on the outside. Your hands and arms stay dry with this classic method of cleaning algae.

Filter Brush Kit

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Filter Brush Kit $2.95

Filter Brush Kit: Several brush sizes in this kit to clean out different sized tubing.

Gravel Cleaner

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15" Gravel Cleaner w/6' Hose $9.95

Comes with a 6' hose and clip. The 15" Gravel Tube is 2" in diameter.


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You'll find something in this group to clean the things that need cleaning in your tanks.

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The 10 pack of algae scrubbers is quite the deal. These work very well for cleaning tanks and filters.
B Zurowski, Tue Aug 26, 2014