Sodium Thiosulfate Chlorine Remover

Sodium Thiosulfate Chlorine Remover 

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This is the active ingredient that removes chlorine found in a large number of chorine removal products. So, if all you need is cheap chlorine removal, this is the product to use. It can be overdosed without harm. In fact, it is a very effective Redox Reducer, eliminating oxidizing free radicals from the water. Overdosing is actually a good thing. Does not remove chloramines. If you have chloramines, it will break the chlorine/ammonia bond, leaving the ammonia to be handled by your bio filter.

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Mix 1 lb into a gallon of water to make stock solution. It's best to use a container that light does not pass through. Then test with a chlorine test kit to see how many drops are required to remove the chlorine from a given amount of tap water. Most situations require no more than 1 drop of stock solution to remove the chlorine from a gallon of tap water. This is by far the cheapest way to remove chlorine from your tap water. Depending on your water's chlorine concentration, 1 lb will de-chlorinate between 30,000 and 150,000 gallons of water depending on the chlorine level of your water.

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It is all that I need to use to make my tap water safe for fish (chlorine only in my water.) Steve has the best price around the breeder supplier web sites and I love his food so it is a 'no brain-er' to get 4 pounds a few times a year and make sure I never run low on it (over 70 tanks of weekly, or more often, water changes)
Ewing Waymire, Wed Apr 23, 2014